The Advantages of LED Lighting – Part 1

recessed LED light – Lightstyle of OrlandoIn modern lighting, LED is the king – and for good reason. With many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs, LED has become the standard for lighting any space.


One of the biggest perks of using LED over incandescent or halogen bulbs is their durability. Your typical LED bulb will last:

  • Up to 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb
  • 20-25 times longer than a halogen bulb
  • 10 times longer than an average CFL bulb

LED bulbs can last up to 11 years when used 12 hours a day. Even though the initial cost of LED may be greater, you will save money by having to replace them less than their counterparts.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners are concerned about their carbon footprint and the rising cost of energy. With LEDs, you can address both problems. LED lighting uses much less energy than its traditional counterparts, making it the smart choice for lighting any space.

Heat Generation

80-90% of the energy emitted by incandescent bulbs is heat, which is not very efficient. LED throws off little to no heat, making it a better light source for both energy efficiency and comfort. Using LED keeps your bill low by using less energy to begin with, and by not driving your cooling costs up by throwing off excess heat.

These are just three of the biggest advantages of LED lighting. For more information about LED, stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll go over three more important advantages of LED lighting. For the best selection of lighting in Apopka and the surrounding areas, visit Lightstyle of Orlando.

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