The Advantages of LED Lighting – Part 2

In our last post, we discussed three of the most important advantages of LED lighting over incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. The benefits of LED are many, and they extend outside of the home as well!

Light Source

LED bulbs project light in a single direction – making them perfect for task lighting in your kitchen, or feature lighting outdoors. Incandescent bulbs require diffusors or things like shades to trap the light, and even then, not all of the available light will leave the fixture.

Color Options

LED lighting uses a combination of colors to create an array of color temperatures and tones. Whether you need warm-toned lighting for your outdoor entertainment space, or cooler-toned lights for task lighting indoors, you can accomplish the look you desire with LED.

No Bugs?

Bug are attracted to UV light, and since LED lights throw off very little UV, they won’t attract bugs. This is not true for all UV lights; many residential LED lights do not have UV. When purchasing outdoor LED lights, check the packages for UV. Lights that don’t attract bugs are perfect for outdoor lighting – especially in Florida.

When you need to furnish your outdoor entertainment space, garden, or lawn with LED outdoor lighting in Florida, look no further than Lightstyle of Orlando. Visit our showroom in Orlando or shop online for the latest lighting trends.

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