Bathroom Lighting Essentials

bathroom with elongated light fixtures on either side of the mirrorsMany homeowners, when planning out the lighting in their homes, don’t invest as much time in the bathroom as they need to. We spend a lot of our time in them and yet they are often tucked away in our minds when it comes to lighting design. The bathroom is a very important area in terms of adequate lighting. You need to see well in order to do every day hygiene tasks like showering, shaving, or putting on makeup. You also want to create a pleasant atmosphere with your lighting, as we often start and end our days in the bathroom. Here are a few tips you can use to achieve the perfect bathroom lighting:

Don’t Neglect the Mirror

The mirror is the most important part of the bathroom. You need it to complete your daily grooming tasks, and if it is improperly lit it can create makeup mishaps or missed spots when shaving. A properly lit bathroom vanity should light the face without creating shadows on it. Place elongated light fixtures on either side of the mirror. If the space does not allow for lighting to the side, place lights on top of the mirror. Choose one long bar of light or a few lights that span the length of the mirror.

Centrally Located Ambient Light

In order to fill in the shadows created by your task lighting, place a flush-mount, semi-flush or recessed fixture in a central location. This should be sufficient to light the entire room, depending on the size of your bathroom.

Task Lighting in the Shower

If you have an opaque curtain or shower door around your tub or shower, task lighting may be necessary. Recessed lighting with a glass cover directly over your shower or bath will make it easy to see while shaving and performing other hygiene tasks in the shower.

Where to Buy Your Bathroom Light Fixtures

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