How to Light a Room with Low Ceilings

recessed lighting winter parkLow ceilings can be a setback when it comes to interior design. The space may feel small and cramped if it isn’t designed correctly. Just like choosing flattering clothing for a person’s figure, you can select a design for your low-ceilinged room to make it feel more open and inviting – starting with choosing the right lighting.


Uplighting is a great way to make low ceilings look a bit higher. Use wall sconces and floor lamps that direct light upward into the ceiling. This will create a welcoming glow and give the ceiling a heightened appearance.

  • Tip: Paint the ceiling white. When the ceiling is a lighter color that your walls, it can make the room appear larger.

Recessed Lights/Flush Mounted Lights

Recessed lighting or flush mount is a great way to add ambient light to any room without bringing the ceiling down. These lights keep the ceiling level, and can help you create the illusion that your ceilings are higher. They also allow you to place several lights throughout the room to create a brighter atmosphere.

  • Tip: Use tall accessories and hang paintings and drapes closer to the ceiling to trick the eye.

Lighting to Avoid

Fixtures like pendant lights and chandeliers make the ceiling appear closer to the floor, so it is best to avoid these fixtures when designing a lighting scheme for a low-ceilinged room. Keep ceiling light fixtures to a minimum when dealing with a low ceiling, unless you are utilizing recessed lighting.

  • Tip: Use a bold area rug to draw attention away from the low ceiling.

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