How to Light Your Hallways

savoy house four light flush mount fixtureHallway lighting may not be on the forefront of your mind, but it’s still important. A hallway serves as an in-between space for rooms, and can oftentimes feel a bit too dark. You don’t necessarily need to pay the same kind of attention to hallway lighting as you would with a full room, but it’s still important in a cohesive home lighting scheme.

Recessed Lighting

For a hallway with low ceilings, recessed or flush mount lighting at even intervals along the length can be a great way to provide sufficient illumination. This will prevent your hallways from feeling too claustrophobic.

Pendant Lighting

If the ceilings in your hallway are a little higher, adding several small pendant lights in a sequence down the length of the hallway creates a beautiful and dramatic look. Choosing vintage pendants in an older house creates a romantic atmosphere in your home.

Art Gallery with Monorail Lighting

If you have several pieces of art to display, you can make your hallways infinitely more interesting. Place monorail lighting with movable fixtures along the ceiling, and place your art along the walls of your hallway.  The monorail lights serve as spotlights for your favorite pieces, while still providing adequate illumination.

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