4 Ways to Use Uplighting in Your Exterior Lighting Scheme

exterior spotlightA well-design outdoor lighting scheme can create massive curb appeal for your home. Knowing how to use various types of exterior lighting to your advantage can make a substantial impact on the final design. Uplighting is a popular technique that can be used in four different ways to create drama:

Wallwashing – To highlight the texture of your exterior walls and provide an ambient glow around your home, place spotlight fixtures against the base of the wall pointing directly upward. Wallwashing around the exterior of your home works for your exterior lighting in the same way that overhead light is used on the interior.

Backlighting – Backlighting is perfect for creating dramatic silhouettes. Pick a structure in your landscaping – a plant or statue maybe, and aim your spotlight at the wall behind it. Only the outline of the object will be seen, adding an element of drama and mystery to your design.

Creating Shadows – Another way to add an eye-pleasing effect using uplighting is to place a spotlight in front of a plant, angled towards the nearest wall. This will create a large, looming shadow that sways gently in the wind. It is also a fun way to maximize the effect of smaller plants in your landscaping.

Highlighting – Highlighting is the most common use of uplighting in modern exterior lighting design. Choose which elements of your landscape design that you wish to emphasize – garden structures, plants, trees, or sculptures, and place a spotlight at the base. Angle the light so that the entire structure is beautifully illuminated from below.

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