Bedroom Lighting Essentials

Your bedroom is your place to relax, your sanctuary. Your design scheme, from the décor to the lighting, should reflect those feelings of warmth and comfort. In various blog posts, we have tackled the subject of layering light. You have learned that to have a successful lighting scheme in every space; you need to have ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. In this post, we’re going to dip deeper and highlight essential lighting techniques that make bedroom lighting distinct from every other space in your home.


Dimmers are great in any space to achieve truly customized light, but they are essential to bedroom lighting design. Adjustable lighting sources allow you to transition into sleep-mode or set the mood, while still enabling you to increase the brightness for daytime activities or reading.


Choosing the brightness of the bulbs for your bedroom is a bit more complicated than in other spaces. We recommend the following lumen counts:

  • Approximately 98 lumens for a reading lamp
  • Approximately 381 lumens for closet lighting
  • Approximately 1,680 lumens for getting dressed/task lighting
  • Overall – 2,000-4,000 lumens spread across all of your fixtures

In addition to selecting the right brightness for each fixture, you will want to ensure that each bulb is compatible with a dimmer. The bulbs should dim and brighten with no flickering or buzzing.


The color of light your bulbs emit is also crucial for proper bedroom lighting. White and blue light promote alertness, so these colors are probably not best for use in the bedroom. Choosing warm lighting will allow your body to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) without interference. We recommend a yellow-diffused LED.

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