The Livingroom – A Lighting Guide

living roomThe living room is one of the most multi-functional rooms in your home. It is, after all, where you and your family do most of your living. From merely lounging around, to entertaining, to watching TV or reading, your living room plays host to many activities. Your lighting scheme needs to accommodate all of these various activities. Let’s take a look at living room lighting in term of the different layers of light you need to create.

Ambient Lighting

As with all ambient lighting, the fixture you choose for your living room should provide an even layer of illumination across the entire room. Your ambient light will help prevent eyestrain from the glare of screens and the brighter task and accent lighting in the room.

For most living rooms, a flush-mount or semi-flush mount fixture in a central location will provide the perfect amount of illumination. If your living room has high ceilings, a chandelier will offer both ambient light and a beautiful focal point for your décor.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is needed for activities like reading. Floor and table lamps with adjustable heads are perfect for this task. Place lamps next to armchairs and on either end of your sofa to provide extra illumination when needed. Adjustable wall sconces are ideal for smaller living rooms where floor space is limited.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting serves multiple functions. It can highlight points of interest in the space, like a piece of art of a fireplace, it can fill in shadowy areas not reached by ambient or task lighting, and it keeps illumination in the room balanced to avoid eyestrain. Track lighting with adjustable fixtures is a perfect solution for accent lighting. Additional lamps, wall sconces, or recessed lights can also add the perfect amount of drama.

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